Clubs are associations of users composed by a maximum of 20 members. Clubs compete against other clubs.

You can join a club by accepting an invitation from its captain (if you receive one), or you can found your own club and invite other users.

You can only be member of one club at a time. So, if you are already in a club, you must leave it before you found your own club or accept an invitation.

Competitions among clubs

The club classification delivers the same trophies as the individual classification, which are reflected in the club's profile. There are also annual and combined rankings of monuments, pav├ęs, Ardennes, big three, Olympic games and world championships.

Club scores are generated by adding the points obtained by the first three members of each club in the final classification of each race.

Competition within the Club

In the club view you can see who has been the best of the club in each race. Also, you can see a statistical summary about the users who have contributed the most to the club's results.

In turn, stage victories are fought in the same way, by adding the points generated by the first three members of each club in a stage.